In conjunction to the Global Astronomy Month, I have personally started a YouTube channel t(Syahirah Stargazer) my knowledge about stargazing and raise awareness about the night sky to the public. So far I've made 10 main videos under the "Stargazer Vlogs" category and casual videos under the title "Startalk".

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Based on Stargazer Vlogs, I shared on how to stargaze and basic knowledge about the celestial events such as the Full Moon Perigee, Meteor Shower and planet watching. Meanwhile in Startalk videos I discussed about my personal top 10 objects to observe in the night sky as to give ideas to my viewers on what to look out for in the night sky. These are the list of videos that I have posted:

Stargazer Vlogs:

  • Stargazer Vlog 1: How to Stargaze
  • Stargazer Vlog 2: Locating Stars through the Star Map
  • Stargazer Vlog 3: Measuring the Heaven
  • Stargazer Vlog 4: Supermoon
  • Stargazer Vlog 5: The Moon and Lunar Observation
  • Stargazer Vlog 6: Planet-gazing
  • Stargazer Vlog 7: Choosing a Telescope
  • Stargazer Vlog 8: Meteor Shower
  • Stargazer Vlog 9: The Circling Sky
  • Stargazer Vlog 10: Patterns in the Night Sky


  • Personal Top 10 Objects to Observe in the Night Sky

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I first promoted my first vlog in Twitter and received 703 retweets. Then, I slowly shifted to YouTube as YouTube is a better platform for educational videos. 



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    About Me

    An aspiring amateur astronomer from Malaysia who has been stargazing since 7 years old. I joined the astronomy club throughout highschool and now a fully fledged English teacher. I am planning to build an Astronomy Community for Young among the primary pupils in hope to create more awareness towards the night sky for future generations.


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