SPACE Chennai



City: Chennai

Date: 01/04/2020

Global Astronomy Month (GAM), organized in April every year by Astronomers Without Borders, is the world's largest global celebration of astronomy. For this year, SPACE has suggested several GAM events for conduction by SPACE associated schools.


  • Total number of participants expected 1000
  • Number of activities 20
  • The teachers, parents and the school motivated the students to make use of this international opportunity provided by SPACE in India.
  • All the events organized are completely online and the participants can participate safely from their residence itself.
  • Various events are organized with online discussions, interactions, explaining the science through videos and presentations for better understanding of the participants.

GAM 2020 A3 Poster

SPACE Chennai conducted the following activities through online and the dates are listed below.

1 April 1 GAM Introduction Online/video – Social Media
2 April 3 Venus Meets the Pleiades Personal Observing Event through video explanation and stellarium images guide will be posted for personal observation
3 April 6 Astro Poetry Contest Grade 6 to 8 and 9 to 12
4 April 8 Supermoon: The Largest Full Moon of the Year Online Observing and personal observing Event video explanation and the photographs of Supermoon can be taken and submitted.
5 April 10 Imagining Black Holes through AstroCraft Students of grade 6 to 9 will make prototype of a Blackhole through Astrocraft and Art and send us pictures of the same.
6 April 11 Lunar Astrophotography contest Any school students can participate and capture the moon and send us.
7 April 12 Yuri’s Night Humans achievement of journey to space - Celebration
8 April 13 Space quotes Online event
9 April 14 Globe at Night – Light Pollution Awareness Video/Online Discussion describing the light pollution and its effects and reduction measures.
10 April 15 Rover from home trash Competition Grade 9 to 12 students can make their own rover with backyard and household junks and send us photographs.
11 April 16 Aryabhata honor Featuring the celebration of 45th Anniversary of India’s First Artificial Satellite.
12 April 17 Stellarium planetary alignment Explaining Planetary alignment through simulated software Stellarium.
13 April 18 Stellarium software Video Explanation of Stellarium software and its role for planning astronomical observations.
14 April 22 Lyrids meteor shower Video Explanation regarding meteor showers, cause and origin and personal observation of Lyrids Meteor Showers.
15 April 24 Zero shadow day Video Discussion explaining the science behind ZSD and the simple experiments and observations that can be performed during ZSD.
16 April 24 30 Years of Hubble Featured Video of honoring Hubble’s 30 years achievement in space exploration with its amazing pictures captured.
17 April 26 Venus moon conjunction People observed Venus and moon appearing closer in the sky and they captured photographs and shared with us.
18 April 28 Astronomers in making Students of SPACE Astronomy club sharing their experience with SPACE India and their future plans of careers in Astronomy and Space Science.
19 April 29 Fake news alert of asteroid Social media posting and Awareness among public.
20 April 30 Closing of GAM Result Announcements and conclusion of GAM 2020



                       The Global Astronomy Month was inaugurated online through various social media platforms and the events were discussed, all the students were motivated to participate in the events and celebrate GAM2020 in safe and interesting way.


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