Hello Astronomers!

When talking about taking care of instrumentation, we think on telescope cases for avoiding dust and sun exposure.

This year was suitable for developing proper astronomy projects such as Astrophotography, observation reporting and maintenance of equipment. Therefore, one important thing I was planning for a while was the acquisition of cases for taking care of telescopes as they should.

My first alternative was to identify and consider to buy dedicated cases online. Moreover, the considerable cost and pandemic affection on delivery, dismissed it as an option.

So by using low cost materials and some handcraft work, I reached to make tree telescope cases by the cost of buying one.

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This was such an interesting project for selecting best wood material, hinges and dimensions for the specific telescopes for finishing this work.

Following somepics of resulted work:

  • Case for Bresser Refractor 90/900
  • Case for Celestron 114 EQ
  • Case for Eyepieces and accessories

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122068548 681070719508433 9137910236935000604 n

Great to learn, and treat those indispensable instruments!

Regards and Clear Skies,

Gabriel Jaimes


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