Every 15th of the month, except in April, AWB-Serbia is organizing a small quiz
featuring 10 questions on a selected astronomical theme. On October 15th,
was the theme of 44th Quiz: "One Question - one (dwarf) Planet".  
We had 74 participants, each got this time a voucher from Amazon.
Those ones who had all 10 answers right, received an Amazon sponsored
Tablet and a gold certificate.



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    Astronomy data analyst at the University Observatory in Vienna, Austria. Official designated contributor to forward all NASA information pertaining to the APOD project through the Serbian version of the APOD site, executive officer in charge. Astronomer in charge for translating ESO texts to Serbian, as well as ESA liaison for information distribution to Serbian language social network outlets, translator of IAU-Astronomy Outreach Newsletter in Serbian language, and translator of Hubbles Picture of the Week, publisher of weekly astronomy journal "AAO - Aktuelna Astronomija Online".


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