11.11.2019 - Mercury creates tiny solar eclipse

11 November 2019
Aida Petrovska
Spectators need proper equipment and appropriate eye protection: Telescopes with a minimum...

6th Grade Science Class Viewing Mercury Transit

11 November 2019
Raymond Bradley
The Roanoke Valley Astronomical Society will assist teh 6th Grade Science class...

Apollo's chariot

11 November 2019
Milton Villarroel
Solar telescope Audience will know about Apollo, in Greek mythology and will...

Caltech: Mercury Transit Public Viewing

11 November 2019
Michael Zhang
Come watch Mercury pass in front of the Sun, for the last...

Cascabel Astronomy Club

11 November 2019
Kai Staats
The Cascabel Community Center will host a live viewing of the transit...

Earth-We-Mercury- Sun

11 November 2019
Narciza Topor
Students will learn more about Mercury's transit on the Sun's disk. We'll...

Mecury Transit 2019

11 November 2019
Dubai Astronomy Group
Mercury Transit 2019 This will be the first transit of the planet...

Mercury Goes to the Dogs

11 November 2019
Tim DeBenedictis
On November 11th, Mercury passes in front of the Sun! Join Tim...