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March 24 to 4 April Globe at Night - Northern Hemisphere
March 24 to 6 April Globe at Night - Southern Hemisphere
1 April Online Messier Marathon: Observe all the Messier objects remotely
1 to 8 April International Dark Skies Week
1 to 30 April 30 Nights of StarPeace
2 April Around the Ringed Planet: Observe Saturn remotely
2 to 3 April Beatuy without Borders - Saturn Watch
9 April Global Star Party
9 April Stars for All: Observe deepsky objects remotely
10 April Opticks: A live audio-visual radio transmission performance between Earth & Moon
10 and 11 April NASA "Voyage into Deep Space" 2011 - Live Webcast with Sonification for the Blind
10 to 16 April Lunar Week
12 April Walking on the Moon: Observe Moon remotely
12 April Yuri's Night - 50th Anniversary of Human Space Flight
15 April (deadline)
Expedition to El Gran Telescopio Canarias
16 April (deadline)
Poetry of the Starry Skies of Tahoe Astro-Poetry Contest.
17 April SunDay
17 April Here Comes the Sun: Observe Sun remotely
20 April World Night in Defence of the Starlight
21 to 22 April Meteors without Borders - Lyrids Watch 2011
22 April (deadline) International Earth and Sky Photo Contest
25 April (deadline)
MicroObservatory Astrophotography Contest
28 April, 20:00UT Cosmic Concert - Online Musical Concert
30 April Dark Skies Rangers
1 May, 20:00UT
Write Your Name in the Sky!: Observe asteroids remotely
15 May Ask a European Space Agency Scientist
Throughout April One Star at a Time - Fight Light Pollution
Throughout April MoonDays
Throughout April Moon and Culture
Throughout April Astronomy without Barriers - programs for people with disabilities
Throughout April Planetarian without Borders
Throughout April Astropoetry for Global Astronomy Month
Throughout April GAM Dark Skies Awareness Programs