Some personal impressions from CAP2013 in Warsaw

One week meeting, listening and talking to people doing astronomy outreach programms everytime and everywhere around the globe.

That happened at CAP2013 in Warsaw.

Where else someone could feel better the joining spirit of astronomy and of our all ONE SKY ?

So this was one of the reasons for me to join CAP first time. Of course, knowing that some AWB-people will join it, was one more reason to fly to Poland - the homecountry of Nicolaus Copernicus.

Following some of my personal photographic impressions ......


A nice monument near the center of Warsaw remembering one of the most famous astronomers of the world who changed the view of our world



Nice nightview from the Technical University in Warsaw

TU inst physik

Welcome-cocktail at the Institute of Physics



Above: Oana Sandu (ESO), Avivah Yamani (Indonesia);Thomas Fok,Sze-leung Cheung (Hongkong), Mike & Thilina
Bottom: Joe Mike Simmons, Mike, Enrique Torres (Venezuela), Marcelo (Brasil)


CAP2013 - conference at Copernicus-Centre Warsaw


my poster 800

Above my little CAP2013 postersession

living the idea

My personal "Two Pillars" supporting my efforts to make the idea living. To my right - Mike Simmons CEO and president of AWB, to my left - Babak Tafreshi director and founder of TWAN

postersessions 800

Some special guests visiting my little postersession ......

visit living3

Kevin  Govender (IAU Office of Astronomy for Development)


Rick Fienberg the inventor of the slogan: "One people,one sky" (AAS)

pedro russo 600
"Mr. IYA2009" - Pedro Russo

Edward Gomez
Edward Gomez (LCOGT)

visit living5
Lars Lindberg Christensen (ESO)

visit living4
Rosa Doran (GTTP) Conny Walker (GLOBEATNIGHT)

Marcelo Souza from Brazil

..... on his left side Thilina from Sri Lanka

visit living9
Jacob Ashong, Sarah Abotsi-Masters (Ghana)

visit living2
Prospery Simpemba

visit living10
Sarah (NC Ghana)  together with our new AWB-NC for Nigeria: Olayinka Fagbemiro

AWB family
From left to right (standing):Pamela Gay,Thilina Heenatigala, Conny Walker, Mike Simmons, Rosa Doran, Lina Canas , Avivah Yamani, Martin George,
sitting: Sze-leung Cheung, Joe (Johannes Stübler), Babak Tafreshi, Marcelo Souza, Prospery Simpemba

It was really great to meet so many wonderful  people ..........

... so finally I want to say: "Let's hope for a big world AWB-meeting in the future, hopefully coming soon !" ;-)

Best Regards


J O H A N N E S   S T U E B L E R
Ambassador and National Coordinator AUSTRIA
of Astronomers Without Borders - AWB
TWAN-Austria event coordinator
National Organizer Sidewalk Astronomers
Member of LAG - Astronomical Society of Linz
Fellow of the Royal Society of London
Charter member of A4E - Astronomy for Education


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