Visiting the newest and biggest telescope of Thailand

It isn`t easy to come in contact with Thailand-Astronomers. My first attempt to meet some members of The Thai Astronomical Society in Bangkok failed, even I had some contacts by e-mail there was no opportunity to arrange a meeting during my stay. After my roundtrip to Cambodia I returned again to Thailand to visit northern parts of the country. Here I tried again to come into contact. Again some e-mails awaked my hope. But the same: When I arrived nothing happened :-( So I took matters in my own hand and went up to the highest montain of Thailand, the Doi Inthenon Mountain. Here I have read that there is the biggest telescope of Thailand, a 2,4 meter telescope.

When I arrived, I wondered that  the way up was decorated with flags. Accidentally I arrived just on the day when the big opening of the new observatory should happen by Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhoe presiding over the opening ceremony in the evening. So many staff-members of NARIT (National Astronomical Research Institute of Thailand)  have already been at the observatory. Here I had a very friendly welcome and I came into contact to some people and could tell something about AWB and it`s mission. They all have been very busy, due to preperations for the opening ceremony in the evening but nevertheless I got some nice souveniers from them. Attached are some pictures of my visit and my "souveniers" from there.

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left:  Mrs. Warin Pattanayota, Chief, Human Resource and Personnel Division

right: Mr. Thana Thanacharoenporn, Member and Secretary Sub-Commitee on Regulations, Rules and Legal Affairs


Above two pictures: Photocredit

My souveniers: A nice NARIT-bag containing, books, folders, stamps and even a small meteorit donated by NARIT


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