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GAM participants are encouraged to share their events with the rest of the world-letting everybody know about the activities they organize, as well as inspiring other people to do the same.  Here are four steps to follow:

Announce the event

The first step is registration on the GAM website so that your event can be easily found by those interested, who can search by date, venue, country or type.  Follow the simple procedure on the Register Events page.

Once you are officially a GAM organizer, make sure you send the details of your event to info@gam-awb.org, with the subject title "News," and we will post this on our Members Blogs and include it in our newsletter. The details should include location, date, and a short description of the event.  Alternatively, you could write a blog post in your own style and send it to us!

Interact and exchange ideas

GAM is on Facebook as well, and we would love to have you as a friend.  Here you can share news updates on your events, stay tuned to latest news on GAM and connect with other organisers, asking them for opinions or support.

If you are a Twitter fan, follow us @GAM_2010 or mention #GAM_2010 and we will gladly get in touch with you, sending you information or spreading your news.

Stay updated

To read the latest updates, you have the News Feature page on our website, where we upload announcements regarding Global Programs and major things about GAM.  The more relaxed Project Blog complements this section, where you can read all about GAM programs.  Finally, subscribe to the GAM newsletter and get all the news right in your inbox.

Tell us how the event was

After your event finishes, you can send us a short description with pictures on info@gam-awb.org and we will publish your story on the Members Blog for everybody to read.

If you have a great picture, especially involving public outreach, send it to us and it might become a GAM Picture of the Day! You can also join GAM Flickr Group at http://www.flickr.com/groups/gam2010/ and share all your pictures from the event!

Finally, don't forget to submit a report of your activities!


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