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Afghanistan joins Global Astronomy Month with two projects

On 11, 18 and 25 April, The Afghanistan Astronomy Association will hold astronomy lessons in private schools, followed by a painting competition.  Children will have the chance to discover why we have seasons, days and nights on Earth, what happens during an eclipse and how the Earth moves in space.  They will also learn how our ancestors knew the time by making gnomons.  At the end, children will receive astronomy booklets and participate in a painting competition.

The second event held during GAM is a star feast that will celebrate a tradition reflected in two of the official languages in Afghanistan-naming people after stars, constellations and planets.  The event is dedicated to all the people bearing such a name, offering them the chance to know more about the inspiration source of their names.  The discussions will be followed by observations of the Moon and planet Saturn.  The date of the star feast is yet to be confirmed.

Explore the Milky Way in Reno, Nevada, USA

How well do you know the Milky Way?  The Fleischmann Planetarium celebrates Global Astronomy Month in April with a unique and informative experience for the entire family.  Popular Sierra star guide and poet Tony Berendsen will present his new poem "The Milky Way," followed by a full-dome presentation that will take participants on a journey through our galaxy, as they learn about the beginnings of our galaxy, its structure and what happens in its surroundings.  The event will take place Wednesday, 14 April, at 19:00 hours in Fleischmann Planetarium and Science Center, north of Lawlor Events Center on Virginia and 16th streets, on the University of Nevada, Reno campus, 1.5 miles north of the downtown Reno arch. http://planetarium.unr.nevada.edu/PDFs/FP_The_Milky_Way.pdf

Saturn Watch in Los Angeles

Los Angeles Sidewalk Astronomers announces Global Astronomy Month Saturn Watch.  The event is scheduled for Tuesday, 14 April 2010, starting at 20:00 hours, at Samuel's Florist, near the corner of Olive and Victory (921 W Olive Burbank, CA 91506), Los Angeles.  http://nightsky.jpl.nasa.gov/event-view.cfm?Event_ID=18477

New Zealand star party focuses on Moon

If you're from Timaru, New Zealand, don't miss the party scheduled for 17 April at 20:00 hours, in Timaru Piazza, Bay Hill, Timaru.  Focusing on the Moon, the public party is being held as part of Global Astronomy Month.  The South Canterbury Astronomers Group will be holding a public observing session, open to everyone. http://www.eventfinder.co.nz/2010/apr/timaru/public-lunar-star-party-celebrating-gam


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