Contest draw your meteor and an offering Gunstar team UFG Planetarium & Carlos Augusto Conceived by Professor Rita Aciole Sesi.
The competition aims to awaken the scientific interest trough of meteors and their studies.
Concurso desenhe seu meteoro e um oferecimento Gunstar team Planetario UFG & Carlos Augusto Idealizado pela Professora Rita Aciole do Sesi .
O Concurso visa despertar o interesse cientifico atravez dos meteoros e seus estudos.
com amostras de varios meteoritos amostra do solo lunar, marciano, 
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    Gunstar Team is the largest and most traditional Astronomical Organization of Goias since 2008 within the Santuario Ecologico project and in 2010 officially opened as Astronomy Club and Astro Aventura Affiliated to Astronomers without frontiers since 2013 and in 2019 considered one of the most Active Clubs in Latin America all this contributed to the Gunstar Team astro Club becoming the Gunstar Institute of Cultural Astronomy opening a new Age for Astronomy of Goias. Gunstar Team é a maior e mais tradicional organização Astronômica de Goias desde 2008 dentro do projeto Santuário Ecológico e em 2010 aberta oficialmente como Clube...


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