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Member Reports from Instituto Gunstar de Astronomia cultural

Oct 27

I have a Dream

I have a Dream I am a simple and curious person. I always wondered about the magic that was everywhere due to the mechanics and wills of God in nature. I always wondered about everything and nothing convinced me at first. My first Astronomical experience was with Comet Halley in the 80's, all lively stores, shopping malls in the city, on the radio it was always the same subject as on TV, that in a way brought people together and transformed something common like our lives and made them different expectations, I was a simple child but I remember many... Read More...

Sep 30

Observe the Moon 2020 Goias.

Moon observation night 2020 was a great opportunity to highlight the commitment and the protagonism of our institution in Goias now besides a date for the observation of the full moon, we assume the commitment for a new project that we will affectionately call '' Lunatics '' once mes the Club opens the doors of its headquarters for observations of the crescent moon the same proposal of NASA with this incredible mobilization. With all the adversity of the moment many people went up the hill for moments to observe, talk and be happy. Let's go together for the future with... Read More...

Sep 04

Astronomers Paradise Goias The New Atacama.

Astronomers Paradise Goias The New Atacama. The highlight of the Astronomy Festival was the sixth week of Astronomy in Alto paraiso, an incredible week of Astro Turismo, Astro Aventura Ecologica, covering the vast territory of the Chapada dos Veadeiros. Crystals, stars and a lot of mystery, flying fires, sightings lights and the daily life of one of the most beautiful places on Earth where the extreme nature reveals a sky of incredible beauty in an area of Extreme Low Light pollution and can reach even darker than that. During the day adventures in its wonderful waterfalls, rivers of clean and... Read More...

Aug 13

Guns and Heavens Live Reunião

Guns And Heavens Live Reunião. Guns and Heavens Live Reunion Talking about the History of the Astronomy Festival of Goias the Glitter Festival talking about the first Meeting in 2014 until last year the 50 years of the Apollo missions. We talk about Cultural Events with music, Planetarium sessions, school visits, Tourism, talking about Astronomy and Friendship for more than 20 different cities in the State of Goias and their official cells. About the success of the Club's actions, about the affection we receive from our Friends inside and outside Brazil, a dynamic and vibrant organization that inspires other organizations... Read More...

Aug 13

Perseid Trolley

Perseid Trolley Gathering a small group of enthusiasts for one of our partners, Eco villa Vale do Eden to watch the Perseid meteor shower together, we know that the rain is a rain from the northern emisphere, however this year with the waning moon and the favorable climate of our group. enthusiastic I managed to count 83 meteors. Talking about the universe and a workshop on how to make requests was made (ps: joke) requests are only granted when they are made during the lie that the meteor generates brightness in the case and I need to be smart and... Read More...

Aug 12

Concealment of Mars - Selene and Mars encounter in heaven

The dawn of August 9th was special in almost all of Brazil, listening to the hiding of the planet crimson and our celestial companion the Moon. In Goias we had an extreme conjunction on a beautiful dawn for those who like Astronomy. An online broadcast event of the Glitter Festival 2020 Astronomy festival of the state of Goias. Live 001 Live 002 Oficial Video Shot Read More...

Aug 09

In memory of Professor Juan.

In memory of Professor Juan Bernardino. A special live celebrating the memory of our dear friend and great Hero of Astronomy of Goias Juan Bernardino. On the 6th of August, during all the Years, the ALL STAR DAY is celebrated within the Astronomy Festival of the state of Goias. Day to remember the friends and countrymen who left in front of us towards the eternal East, the brightness of the stars, the bosom of Abraham, with affection. The president and founder of the Gunstar Institute spoke for about 1 hour about his experience with Professor Juan and the fruits of... Read More...

Aug 09

Muse of galaxies cultural contest.

Celebrating 10 years of Gunstar, we launched another annual program, this program is a cultural contest where the main objective is to give women a leading role in Cultural Astronomy and Gunstar (our organization). This is not a beauty contest, but an astronomical attitude, but we held a photo session with the muses next to landscapes of the sky such as via lactea. It was produced in an amateur way because it is the first edition and due to Covid's restriction 19 testimonials in videos and during the event, additional Lives and Posdcast were released. The choice will be 1... Read More...

Aug 05

10 years of Hill of Beyond Full Moon Reunions.

10 Years of Hill of Beyond. . In this seventh edition of the Festival do Brilho, we celebrate 10 years of a very special project and internationally known the Full Moon Renions at Morro do Alem. The meetings started even before the formation of the Gunstar Team, where we climbed the hill with only friends and family from our clan and right when we saw a telescope, people were already somehow attracted to observation, that's when we thought ... because not to open this enchantment opportunity for all people the following month in September we started the official activities and... Read More...

Aug 02

Interview- Students from the military civic college of Goias talks about Astronomy and Robotics projects

Interview - Students from the military civic college of Goias talks about Astronomy and Robotics Projects Students from the military college Padre Pelagio de Goianiara went to the Gunstar headquarters for a super live talking about school projects for the next Robotica peasant camps. Professor Jerfesson L brought students representing the team they work on and 2 fronts: 1 the RBI - 19 robot is a medical robot project to measure people's temperature autonomously to face Covid19, the second is a prototype inspired by the Mars mission with the ingenuity drone probe made with low cost and recycled parts. In... Read More...

Jul 25

Glorious Day - Gunstar making the news - Long live to Gunstar.

On the 22nd at 18:45 a Big Bólido literally tears the skies of Brazil, especially the State of Goias, almost immediately the phones and chats of all our social networks are overloaded with several testimonies about the sighting of a big ball of fire, was reported to us in several municipalities in Goias, São Paulo and Minas Gerais. The buzz was such that of course the great media reported the event and of course those of the Gunstar Team as a reference of Astronomy in Goias was called to give explanations about the fact live on the biggest local news... Read More...

Jul 22

Glitter Festival Advance on the Astro adventure.

In the second round of Festival Actions, which was scheduled for an Epic visit where it all started in the city of Crominia, it was postponed (canceled) due to municipal decrees, temporarily preventing tourist visits due to the high number of people infected with the Corona virus. So we followed plan B, and left with a small group to investigate a possible meteorite found in Faina, a region of Goias close to the famous Araguaia River. A complete Astro adventure, where we take samples of meteorites from Goias to the natives in a super didactic presentation about the meteorites, hunting... Read More...

Jul 07

The biggest Astro adventure of the Year will started

The Glitter Festival 2020 Astronomy festival of the State of Goias has started with a Skyrunners theme. This year we will have several activities, including Planetarium Sessions Online, meteor shower transmission, photo and record expeditions, mini documentaries, and 2 face-to-face events. In its 7th Edition celebrating the 10 years of the IGTAC Gunstar team. we consider historical edition and of great relevance since 98, 9% of the astronomy institutions of our State, Country and of the world are paralyzed but in the ones of Gunstar we continue creating protocols of biosafety for the observation being faithful to our main motto... Read More...

Jun 06

Asteroid Day 2020 Kick Star in Goyaz

Starting the work of the international day of Asteroid, the Gunstar team taking advantage of the partial eclipse of the moon, we organized a meeting at the traditional meeting point in Goiânia, Morro do alem. Following all the guidelines of the Health Authority, wearing masks, observing social distance and using Alcohol for hands and without touching telescopes a good number of enthusiasts attended the event, a very positive result shows that Astronomy can adapt to the new reality and continue to serve the public in a safe and peaceful way. Goiania is the largest city in the world in number... Read More...

May 09

Full Moon of Perigeu Goias.

Civic Square - Plazza of Pionners. Small Team come to register the Full Moon of Perigeu ''Super Moon'' Hill of Beyond Goiania. Read More...

May 01

Autumn Nights in Goias #beauty without borders.

We continue to the most traditional meeting place of the Gunstar Team in Goias, the famous Morro do Alem for observation and recording of Venus and the Moon in a super meeting, but getting there beyond the beauty of this meeting we find a sunset worthy of extreme beauty. and colors announcing the stars of a perfect night, warm colors and vivid contrast of the cold air of the coming night was relentless taking the sadness out of every heart of those who took time to just watch. To celebrate the participation of the IGTAC Gunstar team we made a... Read More...

Apr 26

Astro Adventures of Registration to the Southern cruise.

After several weeks of rain and overcast weather in Goias stabilizes with the season announcing the arrival of winter and the drought provided us with a beautiful starry night. We left for 50km from our headquarters to the city of Aragoiania, an area of low light pollution where the team proceeded with observations and Astrophotographs. Read More...

Apr 20

Hamadryas Arete Planetarium OnLine Session

A live session of the planetarium with the project Hamadryas Arete of IGTAC Gunstar team talking about the sky and cultural astronomy with an emphasis on asterisms and constellations, the official contactions of the IAU and on the cultural point of view of peoples and several other constellations among them those of Brazilian Indians. A live of images and sounds with a lot of didactic content in one of the projects that can revolutionize low-cost astronomy with domestic projectors from Sega enterprice in japan. Oficial Live shot: Mystic Montains. At the IGTAC Institute, we are providing free advice to... Read More...

Apr 13

Starlink Reports em Goyaz

With the end of the rainy and cloud season in Goias, people had the opportunity to watch the constellation of artificial satellites from Star Link last Saturday, and of course due to the large number of objects and their brightness, many people have never before had visual contact with nothing like that which raised many questions and fear, and of course our role as scientific disseminators to help the media to calm people with information and the truth. The Gunstar Team provided explanations about the Star Links its objectives. Many were afraid of the starlinks colliding with aircraft with buildings... Read More...

Apr 13

Astronomy Day at Schools Live Reunion

Astronomy Day at Schools Live Reunion Presenting in a Super Live one of the projects for 10 years of the Gunstar Team Institute for Cultural Astronomy, the Day of Astronomy in Schools, a project idealized by the 100 Years of the International Astronomical Union that we embraced and we will perpetuate it as a definitive IGTAC project. The design and format for the main programs of the Gunstar Team * Planetarium Hamadryas Arete. * Itinerant Telescope with Star Shine for Everyone One Telescope * Meteoritic with diverse and real meteorite samples * MMS Meteor magnetic sticks in partnership with Bramon... Read More...

Apr 10

Supreme Adventures in the Hill of Beyond OnLine Reunião

During the quarantine in Goias, we from the IGTAC Gunstar team took our equipment to the most charming and traditional point of observation of the capital's moon, the Morro do Alem. Observation and live broadcast were made to the Gunstar media, a super event of the Global Astronomy 2020 month in Goias. Respecting the guidance of the representatives of Brazilian Astronomy, we avoid using pseudo-scientific terms such as pink moon, Super Moon as informed on Live if it is a full moon in Perigeu. Sources: On line shots: Vídeo shots: GAM2020 foto oficial: xts %5B0%5D=68.ARCt8SfeL8lDLFteDMNXGFooAL0Ua7BE6 PlG4SkwpUxLb1iCN-hb5JR8WHCrSOsZq51w4zRWqWnWMyijSe0ZRb-pnWOmGlXlfQLs6ui_uvbUWvgXQUMZJPwTPASo5W6Ij6XuQfnpxPwVcDCdxLhI7unqiptL_5nda3sH1WG7WI8Lcz5QTUHul3PhweHHFd2E2ACNPKHlS73laY_edMTGIQlhWF_8kA35MwTx3mWBvS1GHLBBZ-oLhE5w5GHlmDCGq... Read More...

Apr 05

Venus e Pleiades Astro Adventures On Line.

Nos dias 3 e 4 de abril, uma bela conjunção nos céus do Brasil. Um super show entre o planeta Vênus e as Plêiades. Nossa equipe de atiradores da IGTAC foi a uma estrela remota para gravar a conjunção e praticar astrofotografia, sem aglomerar pessoas, mas transmitir ao grande público Gunstar. GAM2020 Oficial All Photos : On Line Video Shot : On Line Video Shot : On Line Video Shot : During the 3rd and 4th of April a beautiful conjunction in the skies of Brazil. A super show between the planet venus and pleiades. Our... Read More...

Feb 28

Pale Blue Dot Goias 30th

Celebrating the 30 years of the pale blue dot in the Gunstar team of Astronomy institute led by the international astronomical union, we bring schools the message of empathy, ecological preservation and of course Astronomy. Our organization takes the AWB Flag in all its activities and with this it would be no different a glorious week in which we can talk about Carl Sagan, about Voyagers and cherish and embrace our pale blue dot in didactic and playful ways with what the Gunstar team has cultural Astronomy and Astro Aventura Ecologica. Thanks to Primavera Session and Banda Boogie Night Held... Read More...

Dec 29

Hamadryas Arete Planetarium Project .

Hamadryas arete is the name of the rare Starry Sky Butterfly, an itinerant Domestic planetarium light as the flight of a butterfly is where we got the inspiration for the project. At Gunstar Team we did a survey and we observed that the traditional centers of Astronomy and Planetarium functioned at their own pace and institutions and schools in others. We met the challenge of bringing to the Institutions a project that has flexibility to follow the school routine and not opposite, prioritizing it. Looking for interesting and quality solutions and tools for the dissemination of astronomy (cheap), we researched... Read More...

Dec 04

National Astronomy Day in Brazil - Adventure of the Golden Records 4 Annual Star Party.

Celebrating Astronomy Day in Brazil is a tribute to Dom Pedro II. The Brazilian emperor was born on December 2, 1825, in the São Cristóvão Palace, in Quinta da Boa Vista, city of Rio de Janeiro and, although not an astronomer, was a great promoter of the activity in Brazil. Lover of the arts and sciences, he actively participated in the development of the National Observatory, created by Dom Pedro I on October 15, 1827. The institution's main objectives were the orientation and study of the country's geography and the teaching of navigation. Dom Pedro II died on December 5,... Read More...