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A live session of the planetarium with the project Hamadryas Arete of IGTAC Gunstar team talking about the sky and cultural astronomy with an emphasis on asterisms and constellations, the official contactions of the IAU and on the cultural point of view of peoples and several other constellations among them those of Brazilian Indians.
A live of images and sounds with a lot of didactic content in one of the projects that can revolutionize low-cost astronomy with domestic projectors from Sega enterprice in japan.
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Mystic Montains.

At the IGTAC Institute, we are providing free advice to several other institutions and clubs in Brazil regarding doubts regarding this powerful tool for scientific dissemination and intelligent entertainment related to Astronomy.


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At Astro Heros Hall at Gunstar HeadQuarters Goiania.

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A loving tribute was paid to our Great Friend and Countryman from Espaço Professor Juan Bernadino whose name was inspired by a unique experience and reports on the loss of a person who was very dear to him, his daughter.

 Who loved butterflies of the starry sky species (hamadryas Arete)

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Sega's home planetariums were made by Japan's famous and award-winning planetary engineer Takayuki Ohira.

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