Premio Luna

On Saturday July 16, 2016, Luna Arocho Sosa 7 years old from Aguadilla Puerto Rico, the winner of the contest of "Let's draw the planet Saturn!" she met in person the Astrophotographer Amateur and Communicator in Astronomy Fernando Roquel Torres.

Once Fernando arrive with his wife Amateur Astronomer and Teacher Erica Felix Correa, they gave it award prizes to the winner to meet the criteria of creativity, spacecraft Cassini / Huygens and positive message about space exploration.

While he showed his awards honoree, (Stickers NASA and books about the solar system and the universe), it was explaining to his mother and grandmother (Hailey Sosa Mendez and Rose Mendez Marin) the various applications they can be used in cell phones and Tablets for Moon can explore our space environment.

He explain to Luna all parts of the telescope. It was explained using Stellarium astronomical simulator and as the telescope is controlled Once night fell, one could observe our natural satellite the Moon and Saturn with its moon Titan, and the red planet Mars. It was also explained how to use your telescope observing the Moon

Astrophotography moon was made for the honoree to experience how this natural satellite is captured. Upon completion of the personalized observation proceeds Astronomy deliver a certificate for having taken a basic course on the use of telescopes, use Stellarium and identification of planets. Since that night Moon Arocho Sosa becomes officially Amateur Astronomer.

We want to thank the family of Luna (Hailey and Rose) for all your attentions. We know that this girl will continue in their quest for everything that has to do with space exploration and possibly will become a space scientist.

Success Luna!


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