Yesterday in Linz at AEC (Ars Electronica Center), ROLF HEMPEL, the Head of DLR's Simulation and Software Technology, presented,  during the deep Space Astronomy Weekend,  his breathtaking results using his great software "MoonPanoramaMaker".

People who are interested in this stuff  can find a discussion of this software on the U.S. astronomy forum "Cloudy Nights" see: HERE (starting with the post#20 on April 26, 2016). 

The software "MoonPanoramaMaker" and a handbook is provided: HERE


Breathtaking views on the big video wall using the 8K equipment of AEC

on stage

Rolf Hempel introduced by Andreas Bauer (Head of Ars Electronica Center)


The high quality and excellent resolution of Rolf Hempel's images allowed to zoom in to show wonderful details.


The lecturer in front of his big high resolution moon-images, all done using relatively small amateur-equipment, but done by a very experienced photographic observer!


Equipment used by Rolf Hempel (left 130mm APO + DSLR, right 280mm Cassegrain + CCD_VIdeoCam)


The software "MoonPanoramaMaker" for the automatic exposure of high-resolution panoramas of the moon.


Results compared between mosaics using DSLR & refractor (left) and CCD-Video-Equipment + Cassegrain (right)


Using shutter glasses people could watch the moon in 3D - of course here you can see only the "double craters"  ;-)

Many thanks to Rolf Hempel, it was a great show, and hopefully many people will try and use his outstanding software.

Best regards from "Keplertown - Linz"(2018 - 400year anniversary of 3rd Kepler-Law)

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