18th - 22nd April — In parallel to Global Astronomy Month 2018, Sabah Stargazers hold a trip to eastern part of Sabah for 5 days and 4 cloudless nights. In objectives of spreading awareness on light pollution, this trip is also to spread the awareness of Sabah Dark Sky to tourist and to the community in Sabah. This trip has covered two districts in Sabah; Lahad Datu and Semporna.

We gather photographers to capture the beauty of the dark sky all around including a beautiful couple from Singapore. Spend 1 night at Lahad Datu town, 2 nights at Tabbah Batang Lagoon, Lahad Datu and 1 night at Semporna district.

After 8 worth-hours drives to the east of Kota Kinabalu, the main city in Sabah, to reach Lahad Datu town, had a few hour rests and gear up for a night of wide-field astrophotography.

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credit photo : Shi Heng Cheong

Early that morning, we entered a scenic-view Tabbah Batang Lagoon located on corals , an hour drive from Lahad Datu town. 2 nights in the lagoon may be addictive for nature lovers. Within this 2 nights, we had discussion on the astronomy distance and the size of our home, Milky Way and the contents of our Solar System with the help of simulation Mitaka. We also had the opportunity to see light pillar party.

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Center of Milky Way at Tabbah Batang Lagoon

credit photo : Shi Heng Cheong

00 ss h4smw 03

Light pillar party seen from Tabbah Batang

credit photo : Muhd Luqmanul Hakim

00 ss h4smw 04

Beautiful and passionate couple from Singapore wish to take a photo with Ursa Major(which part of it is behind clouds)

credit photo : Emma Zulaiha Zulkifli

We ended our trip at Semporna, about 3-hours drive down south from Lahad Datu town. We wish to have more trips like this in future.

00 ss h4smw 01

Group photo with the locals

credit photo : Muhd Luqmanul Hakim


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