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The Brazilian government signed on Tuesday (March 18/2020) the Technological Safeguards Agreement, which allows the commercial use of the Alcântara base in Maranhão, with projects involving technology from the United States. L
The partnership between the two countries has been discussed since 2000 when then Brazilian President Fernando Henrique Cardoso signed an agreement with the American George W. Bush.
At the time, the proposal was barred by the National Congress, which claimed that AST, as the agreement is known, hurt national sovereignty.
Currently, 80% of space artifacts have some American technology component. Without the agreement, they could not be launched from the Brazilian base.
The main objective of the Alcântara base is the logistical support and the infrastructure to carry out the works developed in the Brazilian space area. Because it is close to the equator, fuel consumption for launching satellites is lower compared to bases at higher latitudes. 
The place is one of the rocket launch centers of the FAB (Brazilian Air Force).
Gunstar Team Reports :
The Brazilians and Americans have very similar cultures, a sense of freedom and pride for their nation with a strong and extended hand to help and the main the ability to deposit their soul on the altar of freedom.
Here in Brazil, many astronomers of astronomy have deposited their lives for the beautiful duty to communicate astronomy to people.
Years of Communist Governments, Frauds, Inflationary Credit combined to a series of financial factors that made most of the enthusiasts unfeasible, with a simple telescope with the value in the heights the population unattended while it was forbidden of if to defend (disarmament) our forces of security (police) were dismantled and disbelieving to strengthen the violence and the ground took the courage to take the telescope to the street an expensive instrument whose purchase entails many cares and a very tense logistics, for the peripheries and for those in need of culture and Education.
Even above all adversity, we stand firm as our beautiful duty to speak of the brilliance of the Stars (cultural astronomy).
And now with the partnership between Brazil and USA with presidents Jair Bolsonaro and President Trump with our beloved minister astronaut Marcos Pontes officializing the friendship that already existed between people the culture of Brazil and the US.
We have the same passion for Space and the will to follow the stars prospering our country with technology and peace.
For us one day we stayed in the History of this Astro friendship.
Astronomers without borders for Gunstar Team was the first organization to encourage and embrace our actions, our activist philosophy of bringing as many people as possible telescope observation and announcing astronomy as a modifying agent, of humility and character.
For some, it may seem like little more things for us the first time the name of our organization was linked to the promotional video staff of the global month of Astronomy made all the difference filling us with determination and courage.
Like the Gunstar Team and Astronomers without borders, we hope that this agreement between the US and Brazil will be long-lasting, full of happiness and progress.
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