a memorable night of Astronomy culture and faith marked the Wednesday night in the good village (old goias).
  Thousands of tourists and natives have gathered in the square of the bandstand for the great festival that stages the last parts of the history of Jesus his persecution and death.
  The moon was one of the biggest attractions and we Gunstar counted more than 3,500 people who observed the moon for the first time.
For us we had long session with astronomical disclosure and once again tightening ties with our old Goias cell administered by our dear compatriot jaqueline jubé.
Special thanks to Cia de Arte and to Cassarão cultural institute for strength and hospitality in the figure of its members Helder and Russou.
  A strong hug to all of Goias for the affection with the global month of Astronomy
2019 spirit of apollo.
Meteor Strike :


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