I got an invitation to "Thaqib Astronomy Association" and had the pleasure to meet this very active astronomy group in Rasht. Rasht is the center of Guilan province in the north of Iran, the southern of Caspian sea.

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The Association's building is situated in Mellat Park. It's a well equipped astronomycenter for teaching astronomy.


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Mrs. Javid is the founder and the head of this Association.  In cooperation with Mrs. Jahandar she is doing public outreach events, for the people of  Rusht and the whole province, they give astronomy courses for children and for teachers and do many more. For example the Association established several sundials in the city in cooperation with Dr. Bagheri from Theran, a famous historian of mathematics & astronomy. Thereby they are supported by many active members of their Astronomy Association.

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They organized there an event on April 25th, where I had the pleasure to give my talk about "10 years of Global Astronomy Month, 100 years of IAU and 400 years of 3rd Kepler Law". Besides representatives from local government, which support Mrs. Javid's work, Dr. Bagheri from Tehran was one of the guests.

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AWB's message, "One People, One Sky" delighted all people here. "Thaqib Astronomy Association" is willing to support the goals and ideas of AWB in the future. Together with the astronomy association in Busher they will join the next GAM and they will collaborate in supporting AWB's ideas.

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Of course, again I had the pleasure to hand out one of my special Austrian commemorative stamps made of real meteor-dust.

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After my lecture we made, of course a group picture. Dr. Bagheri is the man on the left side.

Again we had the pleasure to be guest of a local family - Iranian people are so hospitable - really unbelieveable. Mr. & Mrs. Javid have been our hosts during our stay in Rusht - many thanks !

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  • Wow!!! Your reports generate a deep happiness when I read them! Sundials are simply wonderful. Thank you for crossing borders and sharing the AWB message of One People, One Sky.

    Jessica, AWB Community Centre Manager✨
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