Eclipse Glasses Donation Program

PLEASE NOTE: We will NOT be accepting any more glasses after October 31, 2018. Thank you to EVERYBODY who has donated their glasses. We are currently getting them ready for their next journey - to South America and Asia! Stay Tuned to find out what happens to them!

Give your eclipse glasses a second chance! Astronomers Without Borders and Explore Scientific are collecting glasses to be sent to schools in South America and Asia when eclipses cross those continents in 2019.

There are Glasses Collection Centers across the US. See if there is one near you on the interactive map! Or register to be a collection center below! If you have glasses you want to send in, please send them to Explore Scientific address below and NOT to AWB's address. Explore Scientific, our corporate partner in this program, is making this possible by receiving, processing, and storing them.

Ready to send your glasses in?
Send them to our corporate partner in this program, Explore Scientific at the address below. Please don't send them to the AWB address!

AWB Eclipse Glasses Donation Program
Explore SciExplore Scientific
1010 S. 48th Street
Springdale, AR 72762

Register as a Glasses Collection Center

If you would like to be a Glasses Collection Center, fill out the from below and we'll add you to the list.

Note: It may take several hours for your collection center to appear on the map. Don't let that stop you! Start collecting glasses right away before they're thrown out.

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Where do I send my glasses?
We are recruiting and organizing collection centers. You can see a map and list of them here. If you want to send the glasses in right away send them Explore Scientific at the address to the left.

How do I become a Glasses Collection Center?
1. Start collecting glasses! It's important to let people know you're collecting them before they end up in the trash.
2. Register using the form to the left if you want to be listed on our website.
3. Use the AWB name and logo if you like. You're our partner!

I'm a Glasses Collection Center and I have glasses to send in. Now what?
Send them to our corporate partner, Explore Scientific, at the address to the left.

Will you pay for postage/shipping for us to send our glasses to you?
We don't have the funds to pay for shipping for the millions of glasses being donated in this program. We're hoping everyone can manage their part. We are actively seeking sponsors for this program and if we have assistance for those who have glasses but can't pay for postage or shipping we will announce it here.

How long does this campaign last?
There is no deadline! We expect to be receiving glasses through much of 2018. If you're registered as an AWB Collection Partner we'll let you know if a deadline is set.

Will you make sure that these are all ISO certified and otherwise safe to use?
Yes! We will examine each pair to make sure they aren't damaged, and to verify that they are certified safe and not counterfeit. We won't send on any that we can't be sure are safe to use.

Where will you send my glasses?
We'll send them to schools and other institutions in countries where they're needed but aren't available. The next two solar eclipses across populated areas are in 2019 - a total solar eclipse in southern South America and an annular eclipse (where the Moon doesn't quite cover the whole Sun) in southeastern Asia. But a partial eclipse will be seen throughout most of South America and southern Asia so the glasses are needed by millions. If there are glasses left we'll send them to more schools in countries with eclipses beyond 2019.

Will the schools in other countries receive these glasses free?
Yes! We will handle all the shipping costs from the US to these countries, and the glasses will be distributed through volunteer networks in those countries. We have done this in the past, though on a much smaller scale, and no one has ever been charged anything for receiving what we have sent to them.

My glasses have the date of the eclipse just past on them or have some other branding. Do you still want them?
Yes! The students and teachers in the schools we'll send the glasses to have no other way to get these glasses. They will be delighted to have them to view the eclipse regardless of what's printed on them.

How do you know they'll be used the way they're supposed to?
We have trusted partners we have worked with in many countries, and we vet any new partners very carefully to insure that they really are distributing the glasses as promised. There are astronomy enthusiasts doing education and outreach who support their schools in every country for the benefit of the teachers, students, and development of their countries.

There's a warning on my glasses that they're not safe to use after one year / two years / three years:
The filter material is required to not degrade according to the latest ISO standard. The paper can be damaged by inappropriate storage, which may be the concern some manufacturers have. Each pair to make sure they aren't damaged and to verify that they are certified safe, and they will be stored in an appropriate environment. We won't send out any glasses that we can't be sure are safe to use.

How should I ship my glasses?
If you're sending just a few, fold them up and put them in an envelope. If you have more than a few, unfold them, stack them together in bundles up to 50, and bind them with with rubber bands, twister seals, or something else if you can.

Is my donation of eclipse glasses to Astronomers Without Borders deductible on my taxes?
Astronomers Without Borders is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit charitable corporation and donations are generally tax deductible (check with your tax professional for any exceptions you might have). We can provide an acknowledgement of receipt of your glasses on request but, as with other nonprofits, we leave the assessment of the cash value of donated merchandise to you.

We're a news organization. How can we talk to or interview someone in your organization?
Please email us and someone will get back to you as soon as possible. This program is keeping our small staff really busy!

Your organization has great programs! How else can I help?
We're a small non-profit that organizes big programs. Like most small non-profit organizations, we are chronically underfunded. If you'd like to help, please donate or become a supporting member.