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Jul 30

A Huge Surprise!

I thought I knew all about solar eclipses. After all, I was the expert astronomer people were asking about what to expect at the first total solar eclipse in the...

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AWB Eclipse Programs

AWB's Building on the Eclipse Education Program is open to all groups doing informal and formal education.
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Donate certified safe glasses for underserved schools and others who can't afford them.
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AWB has certified safe eclipse glasses for sale. All profits fund our global astronomy programs.
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Facebook LIVE Eclipse Series will help explain what you'll see during the eclipse and explain how best to enjoy it.
Details to come.

Eclipse Stories - Under the Shadow is a blog of first-time total eclipse stories from around the world.
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 Totality is a free iOS and Android app from our partner Big Kid Science that will help you get the most out of the eclipse.
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