Eclipse 2017 Programs

The total solar eclipse of 2017 will be the most observed in history. Crossing the US from coast-to-coast, the path of the total eclipse crosses several major cities. All of the US will have a partial eclipse greater than 50%, and a partial eclipse will be seen in much of Canada and Latin America as well.

Astronomers Without Borders has several programs bringing the eclipse to underserved communities, and building on the inspiration of the eclipse.

Eclipse Glasses Donation Program

GlassesDonate 250Don't waste. Donate! Give your eclipse glasses a second chance! Your gently used glasses will be sent to schools in South America and Asia when a total solar eclipse crosses those continents in 2019. Help spread STEM resources around the world.
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Eclipse Glasses Giveaway

DonateEclipseGlassesThumbRead about how AWB helped schools and other organizations in underserved communities get eclipse glasses to experience this rare event.

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Totality - Eclipse Guide App

TotalityApp screenshot1 sliderTotality, free from partner Big Kid Science, gives you all the info you need to prepare for the eclipse. Based on Xavier Jubier's popular interactive map, Totality shows you where you need to be, and more . For iOS and Android.
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Eclipse STEM Education Program

BuildingEclipse2017 moduleThe eclipse will inspire students and teachers across the US. AWB's Building on the Eclipse Education Program continues the inspiration for STEM education in schools and other educational organizations across the US.
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Eclipse Stories

EclipseStories thumb"What's the big deal about a total solar eclipse?" Is that what you said before you experienced one? Let others know how it was different than you expected, and why they need to experience one, at least once in their lifetimes. Share your first-time eclipse story on the Under the Shadow page.
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Facebook LIVE Eclipse Series

FBLive EclipseMike Simmons and Andrew Fazekas (AWB President and AWB Communications Manager) discuss about observing the eclipse. See the archive of these special Facebook LIVE events.
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