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About The Day the Earth Smiled

Photographs of Earth taken from space are among the most iconic images in the history of space exploration. Think of the famed “Earthrise” photo from Apollo 8 or the “Pale Blue Dot” shot of our home taken from beyond the orbit of Neptune by Voyager 1 in 1990. The Cassini team aimed to make another Earth portrait from Saturn on. July 19, 2013 was The Day the Earth Smiled, and Cassini snapped our portrait, with a silhouette of Saturn eclipsing the Sun in the foreground, between 21:27 and 21:42 UTC that day.

Program Goals

  • Increase awareness of the unique photograph being taken of Earth from a spacecraft at Saturn
  • Engage the public in this extremely rare event
  • Register and share local events of Saturn observing and outreach
  • Bring people around the world together through this common experience