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About Beauty Without Borders

Beauty Without Borders:  There are amazing sights to see when you look up and see what's in Earth's neighborhood.  But most people go about their daily lives without ever noticing the wonders of the rest of the Universe. BwB is designed to encourage amateur astronomers to share the sky and its wonders with others so they, too, can discover their Universe.

Begun by groups of amateur astronomers from around the world in the planning for 100 Hours of Astronomy during the International Year of Astronomy 2009, BwB brings together the best celestial events and the cross-border programs of Astronomers Without Borders with Sidewalk Astronomers outreach programs.

Program Goals

  • Coordinate an observing program for special celestial events
  • Connect outreach astronomers planning local events
  • Provide a platform for participants to share their events with others
  • Create friendships and understanding through collaboration

Archived News

Mar 01

Conjunction of Glory

Poster Credit: Azhy Hasan (Download the poster here ) Venus and Jupiter, the two brightest planets in the sky, will be within 3 degrees of each other in the evening...

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Feb 28

Say Hello to the Red Planet!

Poster Credit: Thishan Pavithra (Download the poster here ) Mars will come into Opposition on March 3, 2012 in the constellation Leo with its face fully illuminated by the Sun...

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Oct 04

Welcome the Giant

Poster credit: Azhy Hasan ( Download print version ) It's time to discover the beauty of the night sky yet again. "Beauty without Borders" returns, this time with the giant,...

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