FOAmontageApril 18, 2016

Astronomers Without Borders is nothing without its community.

We want to meet you and hear your stories! 

With the launch of Faces of Astronomy on April 18 we're sharing the stories of people worldwide, highlighting differences and similarities of everyone in the AWB global astronomy community. Stories of astronomy as hobby and science, inspiration and hope, culture and tradition. All stories will be shared with the world, and the AWB Facebook page will highlight one new photo and story every day.


We want your story!

Faces of Astronomy shares the stories of everyone in the AWB community - sidewalk astronomers, astronomy teachers, astrophotographers, astronomy lovers, experts and beginners - and your story is needed!

Just fill in the form below. Tell us your name and location, submit a photo of yourself (please make sure you are the main subject of the photo, i.e. not just part of a group) and tell us YOUR story. What you choose to tell us is up to you. It can be anything: how or why you got started in astronomy, your favourite or most challenging moment, why you do astronomy or a funny story or anecdote from your time in astronomy.

 Feel free to share your photos and stories on social media using the hashtag #FacesOfAstronomy