Tunis 15 mars 2011

Astronomy under the authoritarian political regime of Ben Ali was a very domain.Customs officers deprived us from obtaining a telescope or even the binocular. (except for associations with difficulties as well). In fact, the authorities mistakenly believe that these materials can be used in terrorist attacks!A Belgian friend sent me a green laser pointer, I open the grout, I find it empty , only the wallet! They confiscated scientific rsearch materials based on faulty assumptions!I wrote , in the International Year of Astronomy, an e mail to major international officials to tell them about the primitivity (but strong will) and the conditions or Working Tunisian amateur astronomers. Some of them sent my email to a Tunisian official and this latter accused me by "Tarnishing the Image of Tunisia & the interference Of The National Commission for the International Year of Astronomy " and many ather prblems !
amateurs astronomers feel some liberties now ;) but we are still suffering from governmental negligence. The political aspect of Tunisia is overwelming. We hope to see better care from the government and from international community now :)

Sidi Bou Rouis 08 october 2008

hello everyone I am harbaoui anis Tunisian student, amateur astronomer since my childhood , I present today the astronomy and space in the youth club of sidi bourouis town , a small village in the north west of Tunisia,when I was little boy, it happens an solar eclipse, all families in sidi bourouis town buy their needs from the morning, in the time of the event the village is completely empty . in our house is the same condition my mother closed doors and windowsand she says' be careful there is bad radiation that can make us blind ' I told my mother 'I want to see this eclipse, but with one eye, if I would be blind so I can continued my life with the second ' so she say no.Since this time I was asked about the celestial phenomena. Besides, each summer to spend several nights at the house of my grandfather, he lives in the accompanying, he is a farmer. He slept outside the house and I'm always with him.I spend all night to see the stars and try to write or Design and watch the small artificial satellites or airplanes that go in this side or in the other .see the milky way, Andromeda ....Have the most beautiful moments of my life, now, there are a lot of public light ,our condition is changed sidi bourouis is greater you must go away from the city to see the milky way.the astronomy and space club in the youth club is founded on February 2008the astronomy and space club is founded on February 2006 but We found several problems in the first 2 years .now we are in the youth club since February 2008 .we find our way !  we have a binocular and a Newton telescope  150 mm and a  dobson 150 mm also. training of children and young  is indisponsable because the club may be active only in the holiday because the ather my friends: Zied Radhwen Houcem Abdessattar Mohamed Ala Ridha and marouane ,The founders of the club , are students so  the majority of our free time is during the holidays ,now we work side by side in the international years of astronomy .    we have projects for the future  like an astronomical observatory in the mountains of sidi bourouis . thanks for giving us the space to introduse our self . i'am happy to know people like M Paul Mauss or M Mike Simmon  and to know astronomer throu cosmic dairy . i hope be an astronomer one day ,and i hope that the dream of all amateur astronomer will be achieved.



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