Avivah Yamani


Pesta blogger (blogger party) is a big vent for blogger in Indonesia. This is a blogger gathering around the country since 2007. At the first Pesta Blogger, the information and communication minister announce October 27th as blogger day in Indonesia. This year, the blogger party opened by Education minister.

In 2010, pesta blogger (PB) held an event not just for blogger but also for other social network users such as facebook, twitter, foursquare, koprol and etc.  This year, they took a theme of “celebrate the diversity” and invite many communities to join the event. One of the communities which is being invited is langitselatan.

With so many communities who came to the gathering, all of them could gather and work together to improve live and education system in Indonesia. as we know, this country had so many social problem, and communities is the real power to make a change. Each communities gave a talk and share about their work which is very interesting. Empower young people and also empowering women were also topics in parallel session during the gathering.

Here in this event, we gave a talk about “hoax from the sky” and also join in kids corner to conduct a giant astronomy snake and ladder game for children.Why hoax from the sky? well this is partly because we’re online community, and this hoax and misconception became problem that spread in cyber world.

Aside of the snake and ladder game, the children got interested with the UNAWE earth ball, and we took the chance to teach them map and show them the earth rotation.



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