Avivah Yamani


Last week, langitselatan went to Tunas Unggul kindergarten and elementary school to teach astronomy for the students.

Because we had 2 different level of students from kindergarten and 2nd grade of elementary school, we decided to have 2 different class and session. So the kindergarten students starts with astronomy class and the elementary school students had sun observation and telescope session in school yard with me. And we had so much fun.

The children were energetic and they keep asking about everything. They have high curiosity about space science. They ask about the sun and give comment why the sun is so small? It was only a small orange ball in the sky. So why it is small while the teacher teach them that sun is very large. They also wonder why it look orange and asking again and again about how to use a telescope and what they could see through the telescope.

The sun observation session also raised curiosity of the teacher. So I let them had another session of sun observation with the sun glasses. And for them, observed the Sun gave them new perspective of how great God is.

Ok.. after observation session the elementary school students had a small trip to explore the solar system. And this session was great. These students got exciting about the planets. They asking so many question about why we could live on earth? What happen if we go to Mercury? How hot is the Sun?  how big is the stone in Saturn Ring? and why Pluto is not in the solar system anymore.

At the end of the session I gave a solar system tour from Celestia and the kids were exciting just like they were in space shuttle and explored each planet by themselves.

While we had session in class, the kindergarten children had their chance to observe the Sun and learn how to use telescope.


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