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Dear AWB Friends,

   Riwaj Pokhrel and Joan Chamberlin would like to share with you our wonderful experience that has developed because of our connection with Astronomers Without Borders and Citizen Sky.  Without these two organizations our paths would not have crossed, and the friendship that has developed between us and between our clubs would not have come about.     Joan came from Maine and arrived in Nepal on March 12th.  She was met at Tribhuven Airport by 4 members of Nepal Astronomical Society, who she had gotten to know on Facebook through Riwaj.  It was such an exciting moment to meet the friends she had talked with for about a year but had never met in person.  They made her feel very welcome and like part of a family.

When they got to Riwaj's place, where Joan has been staying with him and his terrific family, Joan presented Riwaj with her first telescope and presented the Nepal Astronomical Society a telescope donated from Scope City in California.      Riwaj arranged for Joan to give a presentation at Tribhuven University in Kathmandu on the topic of Resources for Amateur Astronomy.  Over 100 students attended the presentation.  Following the presentation, Joan gave out NASA stickers.  They were a big hit and now there is a fleet of NASA motor bikes riding around Kathmandu.

Other astronomy events are planned such as Globe at Night, a Messier Marathon, and possibly a star party.  On April 1st, two Maine astronomy clubs (Astronomical Society of Northern New England and Southern Maine Astronomers) will have a Skype meeting with Nepal Astronomical Society.  Since these clubs were involved in the book drive for Nepal, members of these clubs are looking forward to meeting with their Nepali friends.

We are attaching a few photos of our activities.  Thanks to AWB, we are demonstrating One People, One Sky. 
Clear Skies to all of you!

- Joan Chamberlin, Astronomical Society of Northern New England and Southern Maine Astronomers and Riwaj Pokhrel, Nepal Astronomical Society.


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