The 18th started out with very bright sunlight in Kingston and we expected a good night. But by 6 PM clouds started to gather. We however went to our site at Up Park Camp at six and set up Telescopes. There were intermittent Clouds over the Moon and Venus. While waiting for the clouds to open, we advised the guests to watch with a clearance in the West North West for the appearance of the Space Station On the dot of 6.50pm. Someone shouted and it appeared in small gap in the clouds. It went behind the cloud but reappeared from time to time as it crossed the sky for three minutes to end up in the South South East. Most were seeing it for the first time. and were very impressed with the brightness .

Venus then came out from its thick curtains of rain clouds. We focused the three inch refractors on it and its crescent was very clear viewers were impressed we did not get chance to see Mars as the cover was always close to Venus. In about an Hour the Moon broke through and little by little came into full view. Our Photographer Wayne Chin pointed his camera and captured some pictures before it disappeared again.



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