ANIC  Asociación de Niños Indagadores del Cosmos COLOMBIA. 

Casa Real de Guaduas. Cundinamarca Colombia.


For centuries the life of men on earth was intrinsically linked to the behavior of the stars in the sky. All planting, any construction of a village, or the design of a strategy of war, was determined by the majestic path of the stars in the universe. Modernity and vertigo have made modern man, seduced by someone hard to what happens beyond the skyscrapers.

And That was the purpose which was the fifth festival, rediscover that "we are all one" and that in the dance of the cosmos, our steps are also the rhythm of the celestial music, we have set the task of transforming the vision of the astronomy motivate children and youth that increase your desire to know, understand, observe, that for most mortals, remains imperceptible.


The festival aimed to facilitate the understanding of what surrounds us as a whole, putting it within reach of every child and adult, through the appropriate instruments for this Feeling part of the harmony of the universe, the constant flow of changes that occurs under the laws natural, is the necessary condition for every human being rediscovers in it, the browser that the technology and the turbulence of modernity have tried to annihilate.

Understanding this makes it more livable our present, and prepares us to assume responsibilities to the future we want for ourselves and future generations.

but more importantly recognized that our planet is a celestial body is not isolated. There is a symmetry with all beings in the universe.


Above photo: Panoramic Guaduas Valley. the Colombian Megadiversity, Thanks to the Engineer Anselmo Quintero gave us this oportunity. 

 children connected with GAM and festival astronomy of ANIC.



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    Location:Bogotá, cundinamarca