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With only few hours to go, ANASA is ready to participate in the largest Lunar Observing event of the World in 2010.


InOMN Logo in Spanish



If weather permits, we will install 4 telescopes for public moongazing and a fifth one for live broadcasting of the surface of the Moon.

In case weather decides to play with us, we have a Plan B in place: to show videos about LRO, LCROSS and Kaguya and to educate about the Moon and the importance of water on her surface.

ANASA's FaceBook page is already showing the following add:


ANASA's ad for InOMN10

By the time I write this, I was practically done testing the live broacast session using UStream. I want to thanks Fernando Gimenez (Montevideo), Nicolas Cortez (Colombia), Cami Love (Montevideo), Rafael Barbabosa (Mexico), Norcesy Centeno, Denis Berrios, Sergio Melendez and Manuel Lopez (Nicaragua) for their support and feedback while running the test.

UStream Test

This is gonna be a major event.

By the way, here is the link for the Live Show starting at 18:00 local time (-6 GMT)

And you... are you ready for the Moon?  =)


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