This was the first time I held an astronomical event for real. I wento to a school near Bari to make teachers and students observe the sun through special sunglasses and  my telescope, and I made a little conference about stars, Sun and the way an Eclipse works. 
This experience has been really rewarding because I realized people gladly listen to me while I am talking and I am able to involve both kids and adults. The students asked me lots of questions and someone said to me "Thanks". This is the most beautiful thing I can be told. 
What a great day. I would like to do this every day of my life.


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    For my last birthday I was given a wonderful telescope. That was the moment I realized I could do a lot even if I do not study Astronomy: so now I hold public observations of the night sky, little conferences and I collaborate with the Planetario Sky-Skan in Bari (Italy). Astronomy is what I breath, what I love to do. It keeps me alive.


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