Yes, I did it! After so many months, I have finally held my own show at the Planetarium in Bari.
I did two shows in the weekend. On Saturday I was really nervous as it was my first time, but fortunately everything went good. On Sunday the Planetarium was full of people! I was so excited but also selfconfident. This time I was more relaxed and comfortable. I gave my best. My task was to introduce the night sky talking about sunset, light pollution, the Milky Way, costellations, Polaris and Earth from space. My speech was followed by a short movie about space exploration and tecnology.
After the show, there was the observation of the sky through my telescope. I showed Orion, Polaris, Venus and, through the telescope, Jupiter. The most amazing thing about this job is when you realize people have learnt something from you and you can make them curious and interested. 
Two little girls told me I had been very good at the explanations and congratulated me. Well, I answered this:


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For my last birthday I was given a wonderful telescope. That was the moment I realized I could do a lot even if I do not study Astronomy: so now I hold public observations of the night sky, little conferences and I collaborate with the Planetario Sky-Skan in Bari (Italy). Astronomy is what I breath, what I love to do. It keeps me alive.


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