Sahda Haroon


At a very young age around my 7th year of standing on this planet, I dreamt of travelling through the stars. Right now I live in the United Arab Emirates, where 6 years ago when I was a third grader during a science class on the solar system, I happened upon a picture of the Milky Way and at that moment our teacher was explaining about living in space. After the class I went through what had been taught that day and I wanted to be a part of NASA’s space program, so I talked to people around me and they simply had a look which meant, you will never get to be one but my dad supported me. He bought me encyclopedias and many other books, one of my early favorite was DK’s space encyclopedia, which gave me the basic knowledge of space travel. On my 11th birthday, I was surprised with a Celestron telescope at this time most of the people around me understood, that this was my dream because they noticed that, I kept working on it all day.


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    About Me

    The night sky has always fascinated me. A picture of the Milky Way is where my dream of being an astronaut had begun. On my 11th birthday I was surprised with a Celestron telescope, after a little practise on the telescope I started turning my attention to planets and my first one was The red planet, Mars. Recently I saw Jupiter too. The more I use my telescope the more I want to go out there!


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