Sahda Haroon


a few months after I met Astronaut Abby I got to know UAE’s gonna send a probe to Mars and that is when I knew UAE had a space agency, then I got a message from MR. Ibrahim Al Qasim, the deputy project manager of the Emirates Mars Mission and the project manager of the Nayif-1 cube sat mission, asking me to visit the Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Center (MBRSC). I was really excited. Then the next year they had a space event called Mission: Space at downtown Dubai. There I met the Mars Mission project manager MR. Omran Sharaf and a few of the other people who work at MBRSC, their words were inspiring, they gave me a push like never before.


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    About Me

    The night sky has always fascinated me. A picture of the Milky Way is where my dream of being an astronaut had begun. On my 11th birthday I was surprised with a Celestron telescope, after a little practise on the telescope I started turning my attention to planets and my first one was The red planet, Mars. Recently I saw Jupiter too. The more I use my telescope the more I want to go out there!


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