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Dear friends,

I want to share this exciting news with you. We now possess the Observatory of Pristina. It might not be the best place but as for the moment it is a giant leap for Kosovo.

For decades, our society has shown an indifference to astronomy until 2014 when the first science and astronomy club "Astronomy Club of Kosovo" was founded, opening the way for the establishment of several other astronomy groups in other cities of Kosovo and spreading the beautiful meaning to everyone.
We can't wait to open to the public! Now all we need is to renovate this place and a GOOD TELESCOPE! We hope on your support.

This is so exciting as we have managed to re-functionalize it during GAM "Global Astronomy Month".

Brief history:
In 1979s, some young people had established "KOSOVO YOUNG RESEARCHERS", among which was the astronomy club. At that time, amongst other clubs, the astronomical club had their activities in the Dome / Observatory and the office located near the Palace of Youth and Sports. Through this dome, various astronomical observations have been conducted, other collaboration with regional clubs has been made, different study visits and it was open for the public. The construction and origin of this dome is from the United States, Illinois. Whereas today, after the declaration of Kosovo's independence, it is expected that this observatory will be re-functionalized and reintroduced again by our astronomy club by carrying out observations, scientific discoveries, opening to the public and giving them opportunities and approaches to observe the wonders of the Universe. A lot of countries or cities in the world have their Observatories and now finally we will be putting this place back to use. In the 1980s, the observatory at the Youth Center which was once called "Boro & Ramiz" was used for scientific and educational purposes, and since that time according to our information, this observatory was no longer used for the destination which was built.

This place was under the Kosovo Privatization Agency authority and now finally after two years when we first made our request, we have managed to show them the importance and the benefits that the public will have once it will get back to use for its purpose which it was build. Sadly, they ask us to pay a symbolic amount of rent every month. But very soon this place will be a public property of the Municipality of Pristina so we do not have to pay rent anymore.

Now, we as an astronomy club with extraordinary success to spreading the knowledge of science and astronomy to all the people of Kosovo, remains to renovate center after damages from the atmospheric rainfall and depreciation over the decades as well as the installation of a giant telescope. We soon expect this center to open to the public again where we will continue with our professional activities. Starting from May 24th 2018, Astronomy Club of Kosovo, has its address and headquarters at the Palace of Youth and over three years now, we are a NC of ASTRONOMERS WITHOUT BORDERS for Albania and Kosovo.

Observatory of Pristina


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