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On Wednesday, August 2 to 5, a study trip was found for significant learning purposes in the field of Astronomy for students of the Héroes del Boquerón School. A variety of activities were carried out jointly with professors, university professors, professional / amateur astronomers and academics interested in the field:

  1. Observatory Astronomy Courses, National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM)
  2. Guided visit to Tiwanaku ruins
  3. Visit to the Chakana Astronomical Complex
  4. Visit to Museums of the city of La Paz

General Objective: Generate, evaluate and provide feedback for meaningful learning experiences for students participating in the study trip.

Evaluative Products
Students are required to present a detailed executive presentation of the study tour.

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It is determined as conclusions:

  • The activity met the proposed objectives achieving an incursion, learning and evaluation of the group of students for science with application to Astronomy.
  • The Observational Astronomy course presented content according to the contextualization, research and dissemination of professional astronomy in Mexico and Bolivia.
  • Observational practice skills, use of instrumentation, theoretical foundation and practical applications were achieved.
  • The group showed great willingness and interest in the activity and its development, achieving learning according to a university level, future projection and science and technology learning.


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