Astroclubul Bucuresti recently finished an Astronomy Workshop consisting of 11 lectures/sessions, each featuring practical applications as well. The participants were introduced in the numerous aspects of amateur astronomy: learning the night sky, handling a telescope, learning how astronomical observations are done, taking their first steps in astrophotography, spectroscopy in astronomy, etc. The workshop ended on the 21st of November 2018 with a tour of the Astronomical Institute of Romanian Academy in Bucharest. Also, each participant received a diploma for finishing the workshop. We are always eager to share our passion with other people and to continuously increase the ranks of amateur astronomers. 

If you want to find out other astronomical activities of Astroclubul Bucuresti (Bucharest Astroclub) , we invite you to visit our website at the following address:




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  • 04 December 2018
    A good organization doing solid work. In fact, I can say that they have been very generous in sharing resources and knowledge with the UAE Astronomy Group in our effort to start doing spectroscopy with the public. Cheers to you!
  • 16 December 2018
    Sounds like a fantastic astronomy workshop! Great astronomy outreach!
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Astroclubul Bucuresti is an amateur astronomer association in Romania. The association is continuing the tradition of amateur astronomy in Romania, which started in 1907 with the founding of the first “Romanian Astronomical Society". We are amateur astronomers mainly from Bucharest but we also have members in Melbourne (Australia), Auckland (New Zeeland), Cambridge (UK), Paris (France), Silistra (Bulgaria), Canary Islands (Spain). The main interests of our organization are visual observations, astrophotography, variable star observations, spectroscopy, outreach in schools and popularizing astronomy to the general public and organizing lectures and astronomy training courses. Astroclubul Bucuresti also regularly cooperates with the Astronomical Institute...


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