The Bucharest Astroclub participated at the biggest annual Astronomy 
and Space Exploration Festival,
Astrofest 2019, organized by the Science & Technology magazine.
The event was held on Saturday, May 25, at ParkLake Shopping Center
in Bucharest, Romania.
The “star” of the festival was the 400mm Newtonian telescope,
nicknamed "The Monster," but the audience
also had access to the other equipment: the equatorial mount
equiped with a Lunt telescope for solar observation in H apha,
the 200mm telescopes, the 80mm refractor telescope on the
equatorial mount.
During the day we made observations to the Sun through
the telescopes equipped with solar filters and
in the evening, despite the light polution ,
we made observations at a few brighter stars: Vega
(at a distance of 25 light-years) from the constellation Lyra,
Deneb (about 2615 light years) from the
constellation Cygnus and Arcturus (36.7 light-years).
At the Astroclub stand, the audience of all ages was able
to participate in a spectroscopic analysis of the
Vega star, could look through the microscope
fragments of the meteorite falling in 2013 near Chelyabinsk, Russia
and the meteorite that fell in Namibia in prehistoric times.
In the same time the kids could enjoy moving the planets
around the Sun at the miniature planetarium.

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