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This year was very busy in activities for the clubs (especially mine Astroclub Véga) in Belgium (thanks to Jupiter, Saturn and Moon sightings).

First, a partial Moon eclipse on july 16 from the sports center of Fernelmont near Namur...Lots of clouds but still very spectacular!  Moon eclipse

Then a succession of nights of the stars ftom 8 august to 10 august

Night of the stars at the Eurospace Center

NE at Fernelmont


Every time, lots of stars and people!! 

A special evening with parents and children at Raimillies  on august 23.

 On september 21, a huge all day and night long star party in Uccle Brussels, at the Royal Observatory of Belgium, to celebrate together (walloons, flemish, scientists and amateurs) the IAU 100 years ! IAU 100. And we had perfect weather and hundreds of visitors !!

The 2 nights of Darkness in Fernelmont and Auderghem (Brussels) to raise the light pollution issues (also with Saturn and a nearly full Moon.

Fernelmont and    Brussels





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