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Friday 10 July 2020, I got to our observation field at 22:30 CET with in mind the info that according to Stellarium, comet NEOWISE could be visible before midnight. The sky is perfect! Jupiter, Saturn are there, and I use my Nexstar 6-inches and spot the moons. I also use my eVscope and take pictures of the deep sky objects. I spot the milky way. A friend texts me he saw the comet, so I take my binoculars with stabilator and manage to see it!! I answer back I could also see it...He lost track, but I was a little higher and could see the comet all night long. The Moon rose and so did Mars and much later Venus above Aldebaran! And ISS too.... Dampness caught my cameras and had to be careful about it. A friend joined, and I left the site at 4:00 in the morning.... With the comet rising but soon fading in the daylight.

IMG 0702


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