Greetings Astronomers!

Did you ever think on make your own instruments accessories? Nowadays, alternatives for creating your own tools and materials are actually diverse. For some time, I wanted to buy some accessories for making Astrophotography.

Normally a good option would be to acquire a robust metal made accessories, considering a T-ring and specific adapter in case of Nikon/Canon DSLR Cameras. Which is great and work properly. Moreover, cost and transportation is also a consideration depending on your location.

Being in charge of San Agustin Astronomy and Space Sciences Club, I was noticed of some robotic projects by using 3D printed materials. For sure that 3D printing for Astronomy application are big, low cost and have great capabilities!

So I decided to make some of them, for 1.25” eyepiece holders for the following astrophotography:

  • Eye piece projection Astrophotography
  • First Objective Astrophotography


Thanks to Prof. Cristian Mendoza of San Agustin School, who by great will helped me and in some days we got the pieces printed and ready for Astronomy. Following some results:

PSX 20200405 162316 min

PSX 20200525 224435

PSX 20200425 224304

I will keep looking for some of this 3D printed work, especially for Instrumentation accessories and for educational applications!

Clear skies!

Gabriel Jaimes


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