Thus, we have concluded “Mars Observation Week_2020” and online photo-exhibition dedicated to the Red Planet being in opposition and shining effectively in the autumn sky. Anyone with camera has been encouraged to take the picture of Mars.

Mr. Arkadi Zurabiani and Provider of the telescopes @Celestron/Planetarium also shared the video and small informative lecture has been provided to the club members:

Also, watch the video from David Samkharadze "Andromeda, Mars and Moon, 800 shots, 5D Mark III, ISO 2000, f/2,8, 15.00 sec, 16mm, 4K:;

Amateur astrophotographers with various technology capabilities have submitted their pictures, which are presented here. Admins have also participated. :) Enjoy!

Zura Kopadze

1. © Zura Kopadze. nikon d5300 18-55mm. 18mm 20sec iso3200

Zezva Buturishvili

2. © Zezva Buturishvili. No telescope, Nikon D7100, 105mm, F/5.6, 1/125, ISO-1600

Sandro Gotsadze

3. © Sandro Gotsadze, REDMI NOTE 8, AI QUAD CAMERA

Aleks Art Dvali

4. © Aleksandre Art-Dvali. Telescope: Newtonian homemade, mirror – GSO – 200mm f/6, EQ German mount – amateur homemade; Camera: ZWO ASI 120 MM mini, Barlow lens 3x.

Arkadi Zurabiani

5. © Arkadi Zurabiani. Telescope: Celestron Nexstar 8se, Lens: 3x, Camera: ZWO ASI 290MC. Program Support:: PIPP, AutoStakkert, RegiStax 6, Photoshop

Beka Doghnadze

6. © Beka Doghonadze, “Mars and Andromeda”, Galaxy S10.

 Dach Mejidi

7. © Dach Mejidi, Redmi Note 7

David Dvali

8. © David Dvali. Telescope: Celestron 1100HD, Camera: ASI178MC

David Nozadze

9. © David Nozadze, Celestron Nexstar 5SE + Neximage 10 w. Skyglow filter, 2 min video, 640x480, Software: PIPP & Registax6

Ika Abuladze

10. © Ika Abuladze, D5300,135mm f/4,2.5 sec,iso 3200,16 shots.

Kristine Goletiani

11. © Kristine Goletiani, telescope: Celestron astromaster 70az, Camera:Canon EOS 400 D, Lightroom.

Lucas Khutiashvili

12. ©Lukas Khutiashvili, Telescope - Celestron Nextar 127SLT, Canon EOS 750D.

Luka Axvlediani

13. © Luka Axvlediani, canon 600D 5sx100 30 dark kit lens; Software: Adobe Photoshop P.S.

Marika Tarasashvili

14. © Marika Tarasashvili, Canon PowerShot SX10 IS, ISO 600


15. © Marika Tarasashvili, Sony Alpha DSLRA300K 10.2MP Digital SLR Camera

Misho Kitiashvili2

16. © Misha Kitiashvili, REDMI NOTE 9. 48MP QUAD CAMERA


17. © Planetarium/პლანეტარიუმი Video-session Telescope: EdgeHD800, Camera: ZWO ASI290MC


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