About Mars: Red Planet Rising



Mankind has dreamed about visiting our red neighbour and now you can give others the experience from Earth!

Create an event and take your telescope out with friends, family, or your local astronomy club. Even if you don't have a telescope you can still point Mars out in the sky share what's happening and what you know about this amazing planet and the big event taking place.

Register your event so others know where to find you, and earn a personalized participation certificate and a chance to win a t-shirt.

Your event will also be featured on the AWB world map

Once you’re registered, you’ll hear from our Mars Outreach Assistant, Jessica Santascoy.

Together we’ll make Mars Red Planet Rising a HUGE success.

Rules & Details
* Winners will be announced on August 5, 2018
* Only one registration per event = One chance to win one T-Shirt.
* Registered events that are on or near July 28 through July 30 are eligible for entry.
* Winners will be notified by the email you provided in your registration
* We will give away 2 t-shirts total. Each winner will get one shirt.
* Unfortunately, we do not have any XS t-shirts for give away.

Share your event photos and stories with others through a blog on the AWB site (members only).

It's all about sharing!

Have visitors take their pictures with Mars, the "star" of the event. Project a live image Mars on a wall from a telescope if you can. Project a photo of Mars from a computer. Print a photo and tape it up. Make a banner of Mars. Make a cut-out, a foam Mars. Be creative! Create a "Photo Booth" for photos of your visitors with Mars as a souvenir of this historic event. 

What: Show Mars to everyone so that they can share in viewing this planet's beauty.

When: 28 July, depending on where you are. If it's not a good night then hold your event when you can. But the most important thing is to show Mars whenever you can!

Where: Check out these sky maps to find where Mars will be in the night sky on 28 July.

Convert the UT time given above to your time zone. 

Post a Member Report about this Program

Share your activities with others around the world by posting a Member Report for the worldwide astronomy community to see! Your reports help Astronomers Without Borders show sponsors how successful our programs are, too!

Program Goals

  • Reach out to show and share the wonders of Mars
  • Celebrate Mars' closest pass to the Earth this year

Stay tuned for some downloadables (PDF) that you can print to advertise your event locally:

You can use these to give out on your special night (PDF or docx):

Use the AWB logos for your website or Facebook page - you can find them here.

Mars sky chart for 28 July.