Program Goals

  • Support Uwingu in its quest to raise $10 million for space programs and education
  • Engage the public in exploring the surface of Mars

About Name Your Crater on Mars In "Astronomers Without Borders"

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Now you can not only name a crater on Mars on Uwingu's new map but you can have "Astronomers Without Borders" as part of its Martian address! The first Province to be given a name on this new map of Mars has been named in honor of Astronomers Without Borders, and when you name a crater there you not only support the Uwingu Fund for astronomy research, education, and public outreach, but 10% goes directly to AWB's global programs.

If you haven't named a Mars crater yet then this is the time - and the place - to do it.

WHAT: The Uwingu Mars Map Crater Naming Project was established by Uwingu to help create a $10M fund for Uwingu grants to support a wide range of new space projects with individual space researchers and educators hurt by budget cuts, as well as space companies and organizations like AWB. Uwingu awarded a grant to AWB from proceeds of the project’s first two weeks of public engagement, and has honored AWB with the first Province to be named on its map. Prices for naming craters in the Province vary, depending on the size of the crater, and begin at $5 dollars.  Uwingu makes a shareable Web link and a naming certificate available to each crater namer for each newly named crater.

WHERE: Astronomers Without Borders Province on Uwingu's map of Mars is in a heavily-cratered region on the edge of Chryse Planitia, not far from Vallis Marineris, with many features named for great astronomers and physicists.  Sagan and Galilaei are two of the closest, with Da Vinci, Schiaparelli, Cassini, Flammarion, Huygens, Halley, and many more nearby. Other scientists are commemorated in nearby craters such as Curie, Rutherford, and Pasteur. The neighborhood also includes science fiction and entertainment greats Asimov, Orson Welles, and Roddenberry. And there are 220 craters in the province waiting to be named.

WHY: It's a crater on Mars! And proceeds fund research, education, and outreach through grants from the Uwingu Fund and directly to AWB when craters in our province are named. It's a great way to engage the public in space exploration. Support this new way of funding science.

WHEN: From now until all the available craters are named. There will be a special push to get all the craters named during Global Astronomy Month in April so don't wait. Mars will be close to Earth all month, reaching opposition - directly opposite the Sun in the sky and observable all night - on April 8.

HOW: Go to Uwingu's map and search for "Astronomers Without Borders" in the bottom left of the screen. Use the + and - on the left of the map to zoom in and see more craters. Drag to take a look around. Name your crater and have Astronomers Without Borders in its location description forever.

When you enter the citation describing your reason for naming your crater, be sure to put "AWB" or "Astronomers Without Borders" in it someplace. Then anyone searching for AWB-inspired craters can find yours with all the others.


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