Join the fun and share with the world!

Astronomers Without Borders wants to show your Global Star Party event to the rest of our global community. That evening we'll take viewers on a live tour of GSP events. It's the biggest show on Earth - and beyond!

Interested? Register your GSP event, then fill out the form below for more information and to get in on the action.

You can make a video to be shared, or you can join us live! We'll tell you how.

If you're chosen to go live with us we'll bring your event into our Facebook Live program. Don't be shy - it's all informal. We'll have questions from viewers about what you do in your country and how you do it. The only requirements are an internet connection, a webcam, and attendees having a good time.

Fill out the form to find out more and ask questions. We hope to see you in our big event!

Join the fun and share with the rest of the AWB community around the world!

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