The AstroArts and AstroPoetry contests close soon! Get your entries in to be in with the chance to win some amazing prizes.

April 28, 2019, 15:00 UTC During her Sketching the Moon workshop , artist Bettina Forget will share some of her tips and tricks for drawing lunar features. All you'll need is a pencil and some paper. No "talent" required - everyone can draw!

The second Globe at Night session for Global Astronomy Month 2019 starts today, April 25, 2019. Take part in this fantastic citizen science campaign and help record the brightness of the night sky all over the world!

Global Astronomy Month's highlights this week with Globe at Night where you can help scientists measure the brightness of the night sky. There's also a fantastic educational and artistic Facebook Live where you can learn how to Sketch the Moon and the AstroPoetry and AstroArts competitions continue. Jump in and participate - we want to know! Submit your members report or share you experiences on our Facebook , Twitter or Instagram pages.

The moonbounced image shown in our newsletter in reference to OPTICKS on April 11, is a still photo from 'le Voyage dans la Lune', a video work by Daniela de Paulis. Copyright: Daniela de Paulis/MIchael Oates. Not for commercial use. Please contact the artist at if you would like to use it in any public means.