Share your Global Star Party with the world through a Facebook Live video!

GlobalStarPartyLinz2016 400
Global Star Party in Linz, Austria 2016

Let the rest of the world take part in your Global Star Party by making a live video of your event through Facebook. By sharing a live video, people from other countries can see what you are doing as you do it. It is easy, on your phone, just select 'Live Video' and follow the prompts.

Register your live video with us, just select the event type as Facebook Live. We will put together a schedule of groups sharing their Global Star Parties and will let our community know when to tune in.

One the day, share your live video with us using the hashtag #GSP2017, we will be following this hashtag and will help share the videos with our community. We will share your video on our page so everyone who is interested can find it and join you.

A few tips:
1. Make sure you have good lighting for the video, perhaps set up a special area for filming where you can have lights
2. Make sure you have a good signal for the video. Do a test run first.
3. Keep it casual, it does not have to be a formal presentation, show us what you are doing, let us see you and your guests.
4. Most importantly, have fun!

If you are not able to do a live video, you can record during the party and post it later and you can also share photos with us live, just post them to social media as you take them. Make sure you use the hashtag #GSP2017, so we know where to find them!