AstroEDU Activity of the Day

April 30 Watch shadows during the course of the day to explore the influence of the Sun's position in the sky on them, as well as how they change over the seasons. During the next season, repeat the experiment and note the changes from the previous season. Repeat over a period of one year for each season. View the activity here.

April 29 During the activity, students build a star lantern, allowing them to learn that constellations were created by people and are composed of stars. Students learn how to recognise some constellations. View the activity here.

April 28 Students investigate three-dimensional objects. They compare what constellations look like when seen from different angles. They make a model of a constellation and look at it from different sides to discover that the relative position of the stars changes depending on our perspective. They understand that stars are not located on the same plane and or the same distance. View the activity here.

April 27 Two children act as the Moon and the Earth. By holding hands and spinning around they mimic the tidal locking of the Moon. They note that the Moon always keeps the same face towards Earth. View the activity here.

April 26 Build a model of the Earth, with its spin-axis, and a lamp as the Sun to demonstrate the concept of seasons. View the activity here.